Refund policy

Enjoy shopping with the return policy features

You have 14 days from the date you received any item to submit a return request

You can easily return any commodity you have purchased, and we will cover the cost of shipping it

In the event that the item is discovered to be fake, you will be refunded the price of the item and the shipping cost

                                                                            How to return?

Request a return of the order through the orders page, or call us at 01115100588

Arrange the delivery date for the goods

We will make the necessary arrangements to receive the goods from one of our shipping service providers

Re-package the commodity with its original packaging as it was received and handed over to the freight representative

When we receive the goods, we will check its condition and then return your money

                                               Cases where it is difficult for us to support the return

If the return is requested outside the specified time frame of 14 days

If the product is used, damaged or not in the same condition that you received it

And specific categories that cannot be returned, such as (underwear _ cosmetics _ socks_ hash products related to personal hygiene

Products that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty

Products that have a serial number and have been tampered with

Anything missing from the package you received, including pricing tags, accessories, side accessories and original packaging

Any usable and consumable products that have been used or consumed cannot be returned as indicated in the Consumer Protection Law and its implementing regulations and are available in the Non-Returnable Products section.

                                                          How do I recover my money?

If you have paid through electronic means (credit card - debit card), the amount paid will be rolled over to your card, and it may take up to a month for the amount to be refunded to appear in your card account statement depending on how long the bank takes to complete this process

And if you have paid cash (payment on receipt), the amount will be refunded in the form of the balance in your wallet at any point and can then be used to carry out other shopping operations at any point easily (or) transfer the balance to your personal bank account easily, provided that your bank account is the same The name on your account at any point and this (for security purposes)